July 22, 2007

Bar + Club + Fried Food = Goodnight

Talent, a soft-spoken financial reporter and our host for the evening, had us out for an adult beverage or two on Friday night. Whiplashing our way through gear changes, we raced through the pitch-black Zambian night in his stylish mid-level sedan, ending at the Northmead ‘strip’ – a typical stand of watering holes that seems to spring up wherever there’s a critical mass of weekend thirst.

The African night, and nightlife, was probably one of the most stigmatized topics of my pre-departure. Never walk around at night. Watch for bandits. Always take taxis, even a hundred yards. Don’t linger. Drinking makes you a target. Take no valuables. Travel in groups. All of which becomes limiting when it gets dark at 5:30pm.

So it was with a mix of exhilaration and primordial fear that I got out of the car and crossed the threshold of continental sobriety.


Scott said...

Not even a week and you're already venturing into the deep dark Zambian night. I certainly hope your escort was better than Kevin ("Do you like Fugees?").

Emilie said...

Whatever, as a Wild African Hogg you blend right in to the African landscape with your cousins, the Bush Pigs.

April said...

LOL, emilie!

Brandon, I'm pleased to have finally read up on your Zambian adventures thus far. Your writing is so colourful and vibrant. That TV station sounds so intriguing. Can't wait for more!