July 4, 2007


As has been my staunch (one-time) tradition at the beginning of a blog: a word on the nomenclature. Because I'm not actually there yet, and still have no real idea of what to expect, I have to go on what I know. Which isn't much.

Even for sub-Saharan Africa (a bad qualifier for anything), Zambia seems relatively inconspicuous. Sure, it's rife with AIDS, malaria, food insecurity and dollar-a-day poverty, but compared to its more infamous neighbours - imploding Mugabeland (Zimbabwe) or schizophrenic DR Congo - poor ol' Zambia seems a tad plain.

But, of course, any nation of 11 million (not to mention the 39th biggest in the world) is bound to be full of intrigue and, dare I hope, good stories to tell. That's what Lusaka Sunrise, the short film, is all about. With any luck, that's what this namesake will come to impart as well.

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