August 2, 2007

Busy Hands

Of all the cross-cultural problems I thought I’d face in Zambia, I knew eating with my hands wouldn’t be one of them. Liberated from the annoying gentility and overall nuisance of cutlery, I was excited to see just how efficient it was to eat how God intended.

Turns out, very.
For my head-in-the-trough eating 'style', metacarpals beat the hell out of anything civility has come up with.

And, oh, the fun. Step 1: Wash your hands in rosepetal water, or Purell if none available. Step 2: Grab a blob of mealie-meal (the white morass on my plate). Step 3: Roll 'er around in your palm till it forms a gooey orb. Step 4: Dunk it in your gravy, trying scoop up assorted bits of vegetable matter as you go. Step 5: Try and guide the entire sopping package into the foodhole with minimum embarassment. Step 6: Appreciate why the word nshima, translated into the local language, literally just means 'food': you're fuller than after Thanksgiving dinner and it cost all of $2 to make.


Scott said...

Yeah, but is eating with your hands faster than tilting your plate towards your mouth and guiding it, with the aid of gravity, into your mouth?

Carly said...

Or sticking your face directly into a plate of shepherd's shit? ^^^^

Emilie said...

Or sticking your snout in a feeding trough?