February 1, 2008

Yay or Nay: Victoria Falls

It's come to my attention that I have roughly two weeks left in Zambia, and have yet to see it's biggest (some say singular) tourist attraction: Victoria Falls.

It's been more coincidental avoidance than deliberate ignorance, but it'll take deliberate effort to make it there. I'm not sure if it's worth it. I made the comparison of 'If you were in Ottawa for 6 months and leaving Canada imminently, would you go to Niagara Falls?'

Thus, I put the question to you: should I take time out of my not-so busy schedule to see what the locals call 'The Smoke that Thunders'?

- With the rainy season at its peak, the Zambezi is going to be in full flow going over the edge
- As co-workers that have seen both Niagara and Victoria Falls attest, Vic is bigger, better and far less gawdy
- After seeing the better part of the entire country, a trip to Southern Province would be a good Zambian capstone (note: I hate the word 'capstone')
- Mosi, the national beer that I've drank in copious quantities, is named after the waterfall
- The vendors might be selling 'The Smoke that Thunders' bongs
- My Scottish ancestry and interest in African history dictates that I should learn more about Livingstone (the explorer who 'discovered' the falls)
- If there are any retarded curios I haven't bought yet - like that life-sized buffalo coffee table - they'll have it down there
- I can see Zambia's last remaining rhino with it's two-man anti-poaching security detail

- It's six hours (at best) by bus or a ridiculous 18 hours by train
- I promised myself I'd avoid road travel and potential 'Bus Plunge Horrors'
- It's allegedly one of those 'Now what?' natural wonders
- I think other people will be more disappointed than me if I don't go
- Everthing there is overpriced, of course, and I'm running seriously low on funds
- I might find myself in the ultimate annoying tourist situation: not being to take a picture without getting other picture-takers in the shot
- The river might be so raging as to prevent good views (from the mist), flyovers or rafting
- A bridge or road washout could mean not getting back to Lusaka in time to go back to Canada
- I'd like to perplex people by not doing the 'Annoying African Safari-Goer' things


Scott said...

In a situation like this, when you're not sure whether to visit an attraction or not, the best you can hope to do is go halfway: go gonzo to the falls. Take a few beers.

Anonymous said...

for me in Cambodia, if wasn't done already than you probably didn't really want to do it in the first place. From my point of view, you've made up your mind already.

Do the right thing. Save yourself the busride. Download some photos from Google Images. Post them. Tell everyone lies.

Anonymous said...

also, change of address (http://fancifull.wordpress.com) but please don't post it to my name. I crave a slightly high level of anonymity now.

Farai said...

A point of correction, Victoria Falls is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The main falls are viewed from the Zimbabwean side. Catching a view of the falls from the Zambian side only(Livingstone) will not give the beauty of the falls. its a walking distance from the Zambian side to the Zimbabwean side to view the main waterfall....

John Dekoe said...

Victoria Falls is a must see! be sure to see it from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and prices can be reasonable if you take your time to check things out.