September 28, 2007

Nants Ingonyama! (And other incomprehensible Lion King jibberish)

Having been cooped up in stinky Lusaka for the past two months and change, I'm finally getting out in the wilds for a breath of fresh air. I hate to admit it, but I'm going on safari.

But in the Swahili-translation sense of a journey, not the multi-pocketed khaki vest, pith helmet and beige short-shorts tourist variety.

Since rhinos are extinct in Zambia, I've made up my own
Big Five wish list:
1. Something big and feline successfully killing something deer-like
2. Male hippos goring the calves of other males
3. Crocs doing something that involves the death roll
4. Bull elephants in musth
5. Non-chalant warthogs

It's not like I post regularly enough for anyone to get worried about not updating, but I doubt I'll be able get anything up on here until for the next couple weeks. I promise a full report on Eastern province and South Luangwa on my return.


April said...

Sounds like fun - and this post does remind me of the Lion King! "When I was a young warthog..." haha

Mike said...

Where's the picture from?